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Drug Detox Treatment Austin Texas

The first and foremost thing for an individual to enter into an addiction treatment program in Austin to be free from physical dependence upon the specific drug or alcohol. Our addiction treatment center can help an individual get rid of the dependency and be prepared to enter into our rehab program.

What Is A Detox Program?

A detox program at a licensed facility offers a supervised detox from alcohol and other illegal substances. During detox, the toxic substances are eliminated from the body through different techniques, and it is ensured that the body is no more dependent upon the drug.

During the process of detox, the individual does face various degrees of pain and discomfort. We do control and handle this pain at our rehab center in Austin, TX. In some instances, to cope with extreme withdrawal symptoms or complications such as delirium tremens from alcohol misuse, medical detox may be required to lessen the withdrawal symptoms’ intensity and control the cravings.

A program for detoxing helps with the following:

  • They are clearing the body full of unwanted material safely and comfortably.
  • Manages withdrawal symptoms
  • Encourages substance abuse treatment

After a time of drug abuse problems, cleaning out contaminants from the body helps people think more deeply about their addiction and move more smoothly on their path towards recovery.

Drug Detox Treatment Center Austin TX

Dangers Of Detox At Home

You may think that there is no rocket science in a drug detox program, some home remedies and cold turkey approach can help you quit the drug or alcohol use, then why join a rehab center for all this? But listen, stopping a drug is not just a matter of will power. Addiction is a disease like many others, and it’s not even possible to get through it without professional help. There are so many dangers that an individual can face while trying a detox at home.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When you think of doing a detox at home, the dangers of withdrawal symptoms must be in your mind. For each person, the degree of withdrawal symptoms is different. It depends upon three factors; one is which substance does that individual use, the second is for how long has he been applying it, and the third one is that had the person been suffered from any other mental problem in the past or not.

Most of the times, withdrawal symptoms for individuals may include:

  • Experiencing mood swings and symptoms of other mental health disorders as feeling depressed, manic, anxious, or stressed
  • May face trouble with sleeping, may sleep too little or too much.
  • May have clammy, sticky, and unusually cool skin.
  • Having Rapid heart rate and experiencing nausea and vomiting
  • Experiencing shakiness/Trembling or feelings of weakness

The symptoms mentioned above are just the mild ones; the patient may also experience severe symptoms like fever, hallucinations, confusion, seizures, and delirium tremens in case of alcohol detox.

We try to lessen the intensity of withdrawal symptoms at our recovery center, Austin, TX, and are pretty successful in reducing the symptoms from mild to moderate. In case of severe withdrawal symptoms, we use FDA approved medications as it can’t control them without using medics.

Drug and Alcohol Relapse

Due to so many reasons, it is more likely for an individual going through a drug detox program at home to experience an initial relapse. Why? Because there are so many triggers at home, it takes some time for the habits to break. The intense cravings are so influential that they can easily drag a person towards a relapse. The following are responsible for the initial deterioration:

  • The individual may go for the relapse to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms or to reduce them.
  • The relapse may happen as a result of the individuals try to satisfy the cravings.
  • Specific triggers may be experienced that, in return, would lead the individual towards a relapse.
  • During the detox process, the individual needs a good support network that motivates him from time to time. Having such a strong support network is nearly impossible at home, and hence an individual may go soon towards an initial relapse.

The relapse dangers of detoxification at home is something an individual should worry about as it can result in death. During the detox process, the person’s tolerance level going through the detox decreases up to a greater extent. If the same level of stuff abuse occurs during the detox, this will be a clear case of a drug overdose.

The hazards or relapse hazards are much more significant than the detox at home, so it’s better to visit a drug rehab instead of doing a detox at home. An addiction treatment center that offers a medical detox keeps you healthy and relaxed and helps turn clients into services for continued drug abuse therapy and addiction therapy programs.

What to Look For When Searching For A Detox Program In Austin Texas?

The center must possess certificates and be certified while looking for a recovery center in Austin, TX. What distinguishes the best detox centers beyond being properly accredited is advanced detox services such as the following:

Benefits Of A Medical Detox In Austin TX

The objective of every detox program, casualty or inpatient, is to securely lessen the severe intensity of the symptoms of removal through therapeutic processes or medication. They make you comparatively more rational about your condition and tries to mark an end to your dependency upon the specific drug. Some benefits of drug detox are stated as follow:

  • Rehab centers devote medical personals, 24 hours a day to the addicted person to help him as he goes through his detox program. They are well experienced in handling both the physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms of the individuals.
  • Rehab centers in Austin, TX, offer a safe environment to heal, separating temptation and their old habits from those coping with addiction. Alternative drugs are provided to assist with the more severe detox effects and lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • People are shielded from stress factors in our detox program setting that may serve as reasons to relapse back towards the use of alcohol or other illegal substances. There is no stress of job commitments, no friction with family members, no sick kids; hence all the focus is upon getting rid of addiction and detox, to be very specific. A lack of stress creates a soothing and healing atmosphere that encourages individuals to concentrate solely on getting better.
  • If you have reverted following outpatient detox and recovery, hospitalization, which means an inpatient detox program, is the safest option for you.


Detox Isn’t A Cure For Addiction

The process of detox is not about marking an end to your habit. The aspects that lead you towards stuff abuse are still there, inside you and in the environment. That’s why it is domineering that you also complete recovery to learn to address glitches as they arise in your life without spinning back to substance abuse.

According to the study of 2012 it is stated that people who went for further handling after the drug detox program were up to 10 times more likely to stay away from drugs than people who only benefited from detox with a minimum amount of assistance. As it takes a long time for compulsion to grow, it takes a long time to relearn how to live without the particular illegal substance.

However, the good news is that habit is no more a non- repairable disease. Lots of Americans live a healthy and creative life after a successful rehab of long-term recovery, continuing to go for further treatment after the detox program. 

What To Do After The Detox Program?

The completion of the detox program makes you eligible for entering into your rehab. Now, upon your conditions, our professionals will prescribe the best suitable plan for you. You may go with an Austin outpatient rehab program if you are at a mild or moderate level or with a residential treatment program if your addiction is at a severe stage. Addiction affects an individual’s social, psychological, and behavioral aspects, and to move back towards an average level, the detox thing alone is insufficient. We have to move towards continued care to consider all the elements.

After the completion of the detox program, the individual has to go through many steps of care. Some of  are here:

Continued Addiction Treatment At Recovery Centers

At the recovery center, find the next stage of drug treatment after detox. We have tailored services for outpatients, including:


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