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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center Austin Texas

Are you currently on medication that you would like to stop taking? Do you want to know how a rehab for prescription drugs in Austin works? Prescription drug addiction happens when you use medicinal drugs for a purpose other than the one recommended by a health specialist. Authentic studies indicate that last year, more than eighteen million persons of age twelve and more than that have consumed prescription drugs for some nonmedical reasons. These statistics account for more than six percent of the total USA population.

Abusing and addictive drugs, even the prescribed drugs, can alter the normal working and functionality of the brain. Most of the people with this addiction begin by intentionally selecting these medicinal drugs to intake frequently. But, as time passes by, the alterations in functionality and structure of your brain start to impact your sense of judgment and the capability of self-control. In the same period, you feel a strong urge to consume more drugs.

As an addiction keeps getting more intense with time, it is crucial to take the early warning signals seriously. If this addiction is curbed at the initial stages, there is very high hope of stable and lasting recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling from substance abuse and would like help, please contact our addiction treatment program in Austin Texas today!

Our recovery center offers an extensive personalized treatment for prescription drug addiction at our recovery center based in Austin Texas. To assist you in the most effective way possible, we bring forth a cumulative approach towards recovery, consisting of holistic therapy and corroboration-based treatment. You or your dear ones can benefit from the professional care required for getting through all stages of recovery, involving rehabilitation and post-rehab care at our substance abuse treatment center in Austin Texas.

Prescription Drug Rehab Austin TX

Common Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug abuse occurs steadily and is purely accidental. The commonly observed signs of prescription drug abuse differ based on the prescriptions the patient is consuming. For example, opioid addiction might lead to constipation, drowsiness, and confusion. If some patients are misusing or overdosing sedatives and anti-depression medicines, they might observe the issues with the formation and storage of memory, unsteady walking, and slurred speech. The persons who are misusing stimulants might notice a decline in appetite, agitation, and paranoia. No matter which symptoms the patient shows, prescription drug addiction will not simply vanish away all by itself. This type of addiction is needed to be tackled in a professional environment, such as our recovery center’s “prescription drug” abuse treatment center in Austin, Texas.

The most commonly observed signs and symptoms of some commonly abused prescription drugs are described below:



  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Euphoria (feeling high)
  • Slowed breathing rate
  • Lack of proper coordination
  • The increased dose needed for relieving the pain
  • Increased sensitivity or worsening of pain when using a high dose, also called hyperalgesia.


  • Paranoia
  • Increased alertness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • High body temperature
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Feeling high
  • Agitation
  • Reduced appetite
  • Elevated blood pressure

Sedatives or anti-anxiety medicines 

  • Slowed breathing
  • Slurred speech
  • Problems with the formation and storage of memory
  • Unsteady walking
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of proper concentration and focus

In addition to the specified symptoms described above, there are some other general symptoms of prescription drug addiction symptoms as well, which are going to be described right below. If you would like to know more about an IOP rehab in Austin please contact our helpline for assistance.

Other signs include:

  • Forging, stealing or selling the prescriptions.
  • Taking more drugs than prescribed by the medical health specialist
  • Excessive mood alterations or hostility
  • Decrease or increase in sleep
  • Poor sense of judgment and decision making
  • Appearing to be more energetic than usual or to feel high
  • More sedated than normal
  • Requesting the doctors’ early refills or consecutively losing prescriptions to get more prescriptions written by them
  • Taking prescription from more than one health professionals

Why Attend a Prescription Drug Treatment Center? 

The most significant step to eradicating addiction to prescription drugs is admittance to an Austin prescription drug addiction treatment center.

If you have developed a prescription drug addiction, admittance to a prescription drug addiction treatment center is the primary step to overcome your addiction to the prescription drug. At our addiction treatment center in Austin, we provide a wide range of programs assisting in prescription drug addiction treatment and addiction therapy services in Central Texas. After your admittance to the plans of prescription drug addiction treatment, our team of certified professionals will conduct an assessment of mental health for determining the precise underlying conditions of mental health that are a contributing factor towards your prescription drug addiction.

Prescription drug abuse is almost impossible to get rid of without the assistance of medical health workers. Our recovery center’s qualified staff is all geared up for helping out the prescription drug addicts. Let us have a glance at the reasons described below to indicate why the patients should get admittance to our recovery center’s “prescription drug” abuse treatment center in Austin, Texas:

In the United States of America, more than seven hundred casualties occur every year due to some misuse or overdose intake of drugs.

According to authentic research conducted in 2017, women’s ratio to consume and overdose prescription drugs was 1.6 times in our country.

That’s why it is crucial to seek assistance for prescription drug misuse or addiction before confronting some critical side effects. A holistic and professional “prescription drug” addiction treatment program can protect you and your loved ones from the damages prescription drug abuse can cause.

The Advantages of Our Recovery Center’s Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center

People struggling with prescription drug abuse take advantage of visiting addiction treatment centers for a wide range of reasons. To overcome all of these hindrances alone is so challenging. Resultantly, visiting a prescription drug abuse treatment center provides the addicts with the necessary care and support to ensure a speedy and sustainable recovery. Specialized substance abuse treatment has a lot of appealing benefits. Some of them are described below:

  • Structured care for providing a stable routine
  • Supportive and safe environments distant from abuse triggers
  • A vast variety of treatments and therapies for personalized care
  • Availability of medical support round the clock
  • Target setting for getting your routine life on track
  • Development of coping strategies and new habits
  • Aftercare support succeeding recovery for avoiding failure.

What to Expect During “Prescription Drug” Abuse Treatment

The people struggling with the menace of prescription drug addiction must take part in a recovery program that emphasizes detoxification, proper counseling, and, when required, meditation-based treatment. Sometimes, the treatment procedure at our “prescription drug” addiction treatment center in Austin, Central Texas, consists of many courses before the addicts finally secure a successful and sustainable recovery. These therapies and addiction treatments are reachable as an outpatient or IOP (intensive outpatient program). The intensive outpatient program and outpatient choices are the best conditions and environments for recovering quickly for the patients who cannot go away from work responsibilities or family. Some people prefer to attend a treatment program and then coming back to their everyday lives. Whichever stage of care interests you, please consider the suggestion of qualified professionals after a thorough consultation.


Admissions in our Recovery Center’s prescription drug abuse treatment center 

Getting admission into our recovery center’s “prescription drug” addiction treatment center in Austin, Texas, does not include unnecessary formalities and postponements. You can proceed with the online rehab admissions process or call us. You will be required to answer some of the questions about your necessary information, such as your name, mental health background history, medical history, and your drug usage history, by our prescription drug rehabilitation coordinator. The concerned professional will then ask you about the drugs you are recently consuming, how frequently, and in which quantity. Coming to know these details will provide them with an understanding of the complexity of your problem. Once they assess the severity of the issue they will tackle, they arrange the next steps accordingly.

The concerned professional will confirm your insurance advantages by interacting with your insurance organization in the next step. It typically assists speed up the procedure, and our rehab professional will come to know about how to confront the insurance organization to make sure that you are provided with the most promising coverage options. Insurance companies do not have the authority to deny your coverage outright, but they might not pay the whole expenditure of your prescription drug abuse treatment. Anyhow, the coordinator of rehab admissions will suggest to you the most suitable option you can go for, in consideration of your lucrative prospects for prescription drug addiction treatment.

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Is someone from your family or close ones having any query about getting admitted to our recovery center’s “prescription drug” addiction treatment center in Austin, Texas? You do not deserve to suffer from substance abuse under any circumstances. The perks of leading a healthy and happy life are just a few steps away. After all, recognizing that you have a prescription drug addiction and then getting treatment from a trustworthy and reliable rehab center is all it takes to overcome this abuse. Contact our recovery center either by making a phone call or filling up our online form entirely confidential. In this way, you can regain hold of your life after attaining lasting and stable abstinence at our “prescription drug” abuse treatment center in Austin, Central Texas.