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Addiction Therapy Services Austin Texas

The journey towards recovery from an addiction is different for everyone. Various trips, others will be the paths towards recovery for everyone. No single addiction treatment therapy will work for all addicted individuals.

Some may have started the addiction because of some traumatic event, while others may have started using an illegal substance just for the sake of fun.

Now to end their addictions, they need completely different therapies. This is why we use several medicines in the mental health treatment center at Austin, TX, necessary for a long-lasting recovery.

Addiction Therapy Services:

At the recovery center, we provide our clients with a variety of addiction treatment programs. However, what we focus upon the most are our severe casualty and outpatient treatment plans. In these courses, we use various therapies to help our clients move towards faster recovery and try our best not to disturb their daily life activities.

It’s not just about the therapy that a rehab center in Austin must provide to heal people; it requires many well qualified and organized staff members to uplift rehab’s standard. We’re lucky that we have enthusiastic and fantastic staff members who are waiting to help you cure your addiction. We do have a case manager as well, who is available all day.

Now let’s talk about what therapy services do we provide at a recovery center. This will clarify what help you can get from our rehab center here in Austin, Texas.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment:

All of the treatment facilities we provide, the second diagnosis thing stands out among all. The majority of people who suffer from substance abuse have some underlying mental disorder as well.

At our treatment programs, we provide dual diagnosis treatment for addiction to treat the underlying mental health condition contributing to pushing the client towards addiction.

When you are being admitted to our addiction center here at Austin, TX, we will assess your mental health condition as well to find out that whether your addiction has its roots in a mental health issue or not. If so, your personalized treatment plan will include dual diagnosis addiction treatment along with mental health treatment as well.

Family Therapy Counseling Near Me:

Finding family therapy counseling near home is common for most people searching for therapy. The effects of addiction of an individual do not remain solely to him; it affects the individual’s whole family, not just him. This is why almost all the addiction treatment centers in Texas have some family counselling program, something we should be happy about.

We focus upon one or two close family members here in Austin addiction treatment programs in our counselling sessions. Anyone close to those suffering from addiction can attend our family counselling programs. One of the foremost goals of family therapy is to rebuild and strengthen communication lines among family members.

In fact, if the family members do not become involved in learning about abuse of certain illegal substances and the role it plays in the family dynamics, it might hinder the addict’s recovery. If the family members continue their stagnant, dysfunctional, and ignoring behaviours, the addiction can cause some serious harm, not to the individual alone, to the whole family.

 Family therapy in the treatment of substance abuse can help by using the strengths of the family/family members and some resources to find ways for the person who is involved in substance abuse, to live without that and to facilitate the impact of stuff reliance on both the patient and the family of the patient.

Family therapy can help families become conscious of their own needs and provide help to keep drug abuse away from propagating into the next generation.

  1. Mental Behavioral Therapy:

In our Mental-Behavioral therapy program, we focus on several basic ideas. In this treatment, we address the false thoughts and unhelpful and flawed responses. These fallacious thoughts and reactions are at the core of many addictions and other psychological problems. A good thing about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is that it focuses upon your present situations rather than your past.

We come to know about the flawed, unhelpful, false, and distorted thoughts that serve as a cause of a problem through this. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also allows clients to understand their behaviour and the motivation that lies in the core of that behaviour.

It encourages the clients to face their fears and act accordingly in a situation. Additionally, when you get depressed, reasoning behavioral therapy aids you relax your body and mind through specific relaxation techniques.

  1. Dialectical Comportment Therapy Center:

Dialectical Comportment Therapy-DBT is a treatment used for curing many problems like addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Despair, anxiety, and many other disorders. In this therapeutic practice, you are educated with some necessary Dialectical Conduct Therapy skills, allowing you to bear stressful situations and undesirable emotions.

 Your ability to regulate your emotions is also being polished, and you are taught about mindfulness of the present instant. You grasp how to interconnect with other people in our Dialectical Conduct Therapy program in Austin, TX.

You get to know how to stabilize yourself when the situation is out of control, e.g., uncomfortable and stressful. This therapy is purely focused upon an individual; it has nothing to do with the environment. You’ll be capable to neutralize yourself, and maintain your internal peace, regardless of the external environment.


Holistic Therapy Program

Holistic Therapy programs work hand in hand with evidence-based therapies to treat the body, mind, and spirit of the person suffering from addiction. Meditation, yoga, energy work, massage, and acupuncture are included in holistic therapy practices.

Our adventure-based program in Austin, TX, involves hiking, rock climbing, or other fun activities. You learn how to maintain through hard times as you engage in these activities. Much like you, you also develop relationships with people and learn how to function as a team.

Additionally, after completing your outpatient drug therapy program, you

acquire hobbies that you can use to deal with uncomfortable and stressful situations.

Trauma Counseling Center

Most of the time, the leading cause that contributes to addiction is trauma. These issues, most of the time, include sadness, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse. All three of these issues have the potential to lead people down the track to habit.

Counselling for trauma is of real help to individuals who are suffering from addiction. This helps them to overcome the traumatic experience and stop using the illegal substance.

What is most needed is that of confronting the traumatic event in a safe environment, and what we try to provide in our rehabs is nothing. But it is a safe environment, an environment where no one is judgmental, where no triggers exist, where you can get professional help and stay close to those who are sharing with you the common goal of bringing an end to the addiction.

Mental Health IOP:

Intensive outpatient treatment programs are offered to people with stuff use sicknesses or co-occurring mental and element use ailments who do not need 24 hours’ surveillance and indoor cure. Psychosocial support is provided to people. Similarly, relapse management and coping strategies are also being facilitated.

We offer evidence-based and holistic therapies that promote healing in the mind and body. In our Texas addiction Treatment Center, along with our focus upon addiction, we take great care of the individual’s mental health under treatment to achieve a healthy recovery. Find an IOP in Austin for mental health by contacting our helpline for support.

The ideal contestants for exhaustive outpatient treatment programs are those who have a safe home atmosphere. This means having family members who are encouraging and friends who care their loved ones in their regaining efforts. If a person lives with people involved in substance abuse, housing treatment is generally suggested to get the person away from these activate for decline.

Recovery Center Therapy Services:

The secret of the best addiction center lies in the treatment program it selects for treating a client. The treatment can only go in the right way if the chosen treatment program is the appropriate one. We work as a team, share all the possible treatment programs for an individual, and then unanimously agree upon one program that could help the individual recover.  

In our addiction treatment center  in Austin, TX, we focus on showing the clients what problems they could face if they carried on with their addiction. We also educate them about different triggers, how to spot them, and how to avoid them.

The clients are also educated about the warning signs for a possible relapse and are educated not to fall prey to addiction again. The fight with addiction is not just at the rehab center; it even continues after addiction programs. And to be victorious in that fight, we teach the skills mentioned above to an individual.

Some programs that we offer in Addiction therapy programs contain:


The right treatment for your addiction is waiting for you in Austin, in our rehab center. Do contact us to know the details about the cure for your addiction.