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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center Austin Texas

Are you looking for a rehab for cocaine in Austin TX? Cocaine is a drug with some strong euphoric effects that can seriously harm you and is famous for its high addiction potential. Are you or any of your loved ones addicted to cocaine? If yes, then don’t waste time; getting rid of cocaine is just one step away; visit us at our addiction treatment center, and get a long-lasting recovery at our substance abuse treatment center. At our rehab center, we provide you with the kind of treatment that gives you the recovery you deserve.

Our Cocaine Focused Treatment Centers

While dealing with the addiction to cocaine, we in our rehab center focus upon substance-specific treatment to provide our clients with the best possible result. Dealing with cocaine addictions is not an easy task, as we have to take care of the new challenges that arise during the treatment, mental health issues, and last but not least, the withdrawal symptoms. We do have expert therapists who have a deep insight and full understanding of this disorder.

The therapist’s primary focus is to point out the problems that are actually revolving around cocaine addiction. You will be given insight into the why and how of your addiction, as they will try to provide you with insight into why you get addicted to cocaine and how getting out of this quagmire is possible. You and your addiction will be fully assessed by one of our specialists, and then a treatment plan will be designed for you according to the condition of your addiction.

Cocaine Treatment Center Programs For Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The majority of people who suffer from cocaine abuse also suffer from some kind of underlying mental disorder. At Recovery Center, we provide dual diagnosis treatment for cocaine addiction to treat the underlying mental health condition contributing to pushing the client towards addiction. When you are being admitted to our addiction center here at Austin, TX, we will assess your mental health condition as well to find out that whether your cocaine addiction has its roots in a mental health issue or not. If so, your personalized treatment plan will include dual diagnosis cocaine addiction treatment along with mental health treatment as well. For taking fundamental care of you, we go with an approach of Evidence-based therapy-EBT. Evidence-based medicine, along with its success in the treatment of even the most severe cases of cocaine addiction, is famous for the fact that this approach is scientific in nature and has got a lot of research behind its back.

We focus on at our rehab center in Austin, TX, to equip you with some special coping skills that can help you face the real problematic situations that provide triggers to you for cocaine addiction and lessen the severity of the physical symptoms of cocaine addiction. We help you realize that while things are going our way, when stress is all over us, getting back to cocaine or any other drug is not the only option. You will be gifted with a more in-depth insight into yourself and your cocaine addiction during the therapeutic sessions. To put you back on the track of everyday life, we will help you develop some habits that are much healthier, both psychologically and physically.

At Recovery Center, we do offer a comprehensive cocaine addiction dual diagnosis treatment program. At our cocaine addiction treatment programs in Texas, we will help you get rid of both the physical symptoms of cocaine addiction and the mental problem that lies far back, above your shoulders, as a root cause for that addiction. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services in Austin, Texas include:

We offer a cure for single and multi-stuff addiction along with dual diagnosis treatment. We have rehabilitation and detox options that are far more flexible than such programs at other rehab centers in Austin, and another plus point is that we are in a convenient location, right in Texas’s capital.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Rehab in Austin TX

Types Of Cocaine Addiction Treatment At Rehab

The reasons behind getting addicted to cocaine are different, and so are the ways to get recovered. Other methods are required to get rid of cocaine abuse, based on the intensity, severity, and core issue that leads the person to get addicted to cocaine. For example, someone at the initial stage of addiction may be referred to a partial hospitalization program; a person who suffers from severe addiction must be directed to residential/inpatient treatment programs. Cocaine addiction treatment programs at our addiction treatment center in Austin may include the following:

  • Cocaine Detox Program

A cocaine detox program at our Austin facility offers a supervised detox from cocaine. During detox, the toxicity caused by cocaine is eliminated from the body through different techniques, and it is ensured that the body is no more dependent upon cocaine.

During the process of detox, the individual does face various degrees of pain and discomfort. We do control and handle this pain at our cocaine rehab center in Austin, TX. In some instances, to cope with extreme withdrawal symptoms or complications, medical detox may be required to lessen the withdrawal symptoms’ intensity and control the cravings.

  • Residential Rehab

The residential recovery facility offers a place for you or your loved ones to heal from cocaine addiction. To achieve permanent recovery from cocaine addiction, you have to stay at the rehab all day in the residential treatment program. Our Austin, TX therapeutic treatment center builds a lasting base for all stages of cocaine addiction treatment programs. 

  • Individual Therapy

People are provided with one-on-one confidential meetings with a therapist or cocaine addiction counselor to work on unhealthy behaviors and stay healthy during the abstaining process. The primary purpose of this is to make the client realize his importance, his worth, and raise his self-esteem. It’s like helping him find his own self and the purpose of his life. In individual therapy sessions, the cocaine addiction counselor digs deep into the person’s addiction and tries to find the root cause to design a flexible, customized and personalized treatment plan.

  • Group Counseling

In our group counseling sessions at Austin, our certified mental health professionals focus on a single topic or skill. The issues and tasks may be education group tasks, stress management, relapse prevention, life and coping skills, and some recreational activities. In group tasks and learning, some good things are that of the sense of harmony and oneness, the realization that one isn’t alone for the treatment of addiction, and communication with the guys who are on the way to a sober life. This makes the individual feel a bit more accepted by society.

  • Outpatient Therapy

Here in Austin, the patients enrolled in outpatient cocaine rehab programs live in the facility, where they have some degree of freedom to come and go; however, they have to be in the center for the treatment most of the time. They are provided with counseling, group therapies, and family therapies. This is for people who aren’t fully recovered yet, who do not control the triggers that drove them to cocaine addiction. For people involved in cocaine abuse for a long time, an outpatient rehab program is a good option of treatment.

An outpatient rehab is an ideal option for those who find it hard to be a part of a residential or inpatient cocaine rehab program due to their family or job-related issues. They can go for an intensive outpatient cocaine rehab program, which will provide them with almost the same care as the inpatient program for cocaine addiction. Outpatient programs are beneficial for those who have just completed their residential program for cocaine abuse and want to stay in touch with the rehab for continued support.

  • Cocaine Rehab Admissions Process

If you want to get admitted to our cocaine rehab program, you can start using our online rehab admission process or by calling us at (phone number). Our rehab coordinator will take a short history, name, gender, type of addiction, medical and mental health history, etc. You will be asked about the number of drugs you use and how often you dig deep into your problem.

Then, our coordinator will contact your insurance provider to check your insurance benefits. This will help you as our coordinator knows better how to deal with the insurance provider to get the best and the most suitable package.


The days of darkness are over; light is just here, in front of you, one step away. Contact Recovery Center or pick up your mobile phone and dial (512) 774-6244 to get admitted or know about the best cocaine addiction treatment in the area.