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Are you looking for information about a mental health treatment center in Austin TX? There is a robust connection between drug addiction and mental health issues. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) states that persons who have mental health issues consume addictive drugs more than others. Depending upon the drug, the people suffering from some mental disorders contribute to 44% of the total drug usage. Due to its result, mental health treatment centers in Texas are as crucial as getting drug addiction treatment at a substance abuse treatment center in Austin Texas.

The Connection Between Mental Illness and Drug Use

The National Bureau of Economic Research states an undeniable connection between mental health issues and substance abuse. To further illustrate this fact, it conducted thorough research for properly showcasing this connection. The study concludes that persons with mental health issues are more commonly subjected to drug abuse than people who do not suffer mental health issues.

For instance, the people having mental illness use about thirty-eight percent of all the alcohol consumed. However, alcohol does not account for the only drug which people are having mental disorders use. The research also indicated that they intake about forty-four percent of the total cocaine consumed. These statistic figures were enhanced when the researchers included the people who were suffering from a mental health disorder at any point.

Professionals recommend that the mental health treatment center in Austin, Texas, prove a reliable solution to this curse. As a result, reaching out to a trustworthy rehabilitation center that provides the patients with a dual diagnosis treatment is the foremost preference. Whether you are in need of inpatient care or an IOP mental health program in Austin TX, we can assist you.

Why People With Mental Health Problems Abuse Drugs 

There is so much to ponder over the fact that why people struggling with mental health complications misuse drugs so frequently. Some professionals think that the fundamental underlying reason behind this scenario is that only a few take proper treatment. Because they do not take an excellent mental health treatment program, they strive to tackle the symptoms all by themselves.

What is the most effective strategy for them to minimize or eliminate the signs of mental health problems? Drinking alcohol and using addictive drugs. But it also remains the fact that the comfort and soothe these drugs give off is only transient. As a result of this, they find it necessary to carry on the misuse of addictive substances for the sake of getting relief.

A mental health treatment program Austin offers can assist people in coming out of this never ending cycle. It makes it something next to impossible for the patients to seek advantage from a reliable mental health treatment program that they need to overcome the addiction.

Mental Health Problems Lead to Relapse

In terms of triggering that ultimately cause relapse, mental health issues are not different from toxic relationships—substance addiction results from some mental health disorder. When people get rehab without getting their underlying mental health complications treated, they put themselves on the way to relapse. For the sake of avoiding this drawback, they must think of eradicating the root cause for the greater good.

Along with that, chronic drug abuse can subject people to a road that turns mental health complications into a commonplace occurrence. For instance, abusing drugs or alcohol enhances their possibility of becoming potential victims of assault or rape. These painful scenarios can subject the persons struggling with mental health disorders to suffer from PTSD the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, which can further aggravate the drug abuse. It is a pathetic cycle that sometimes becomes very hard to come out of without getting admitted for a proper treatment program in some mental health treatment center.

Why choose a Mental Health Treatment Center?

Like any other physical disorder, mental health complications also need proper rehabilitation care, which requires a trustworthy institution. Once you have contacted us, our rehab coordinator will ask you for some necessary information about you, for instance, your name, mental health background, medical history, and drug usage history. The coordinator will further discuss your present condition, the drugs you are currently consuming, how often you use them, how much quantity you intake, and the challenging circumstances you are recently going through. All of these information pieces will assist our qualified staff with the adversity of your condition. 

Our recovery center is a mental health treatment center in Central Texas that puts forth rehab help and resources for the people in need for the nearby area residents.

When you visit our Recovery Center’s mental health treatment center in Austin, Texas, you eventually come to know that you are receiving the right treatment from the right place. We will also provide you with the strategies you require to resist the temptations and cope with the anxiety and stress.

The medication-assisted treatment program is one of the treatment choices available at our mental health treatment program in Austin, Texas.

Also, we are very well aware of the possibility of the patient developing any substance abuse due to this disrupted mental health. There is an equal probability that the person might have developed a substance addiction due to some mental illness. If you do not get your mental issue treated in synchronization with drug addiction rehabilitation, you are likely to shift to drug addiction again when you are discharged from the rehab center. Due to this reason, we put forward a dual diagnosis program to the patients who require it. In this treatment program, you strive to find out the actual causative agent of your drug abuse with the assistance of a highly qualified and professional therapist at our mental health treatment center in Austin, Central Texas. The professionals then work on your mental disorder to suppress it with various coping strategies and therapy choices available at our rehab center.

Our qualified and experienced staff professionals are all geared up to take you out of this unfortunate phase of life at our Recovery Center. Our ultimate mission is to win you a happy and healthy future that takes a start at our mental health treatment center in Austin, Central Texas.


The first and leading thing to be kept in mind while taking the start to mark someone eligible for an intensive outpatient rehab program is that ‘the individual must have a safe and supportive home.’

The friends and family may be caring enough to uplift the individual during the rehab process, i.e., not looking down upon a person undergoing the addiction treatment, motivating him for the goal he’s after, and treating him as naturally possible.

From a safe home or environment, we mean an environment where no triggers exist for abuse of the particular substance, as the spurs lead an individual towards a relapse. We, too, make an individual go through a drug detox program before entering an intensive outpatient rehab program, if needed, here in Austin, TX.

If you and your loved ones are suffering from an addiction, a promising treatment option for you is going for an intensive outpatient rehab program only if you’re sure that the support groups as friends and family you have, is empathetic enough to provide you or your loved ones with good care.



In Austin, our intensive outpatient rehab center uses a science-based approach to recovery. The center focuses on exploring the root cause of addiction and healing the mind and the body. This is the very reason that people who weren’t recovered in the past. Now sees a higher rate of success in IOP. Many addiction treatment programs are offered at Outpatient Austin to match your lifestyle and transition after the residential programs.

The intensive outpatient programs are more focused upon getting to know you to design more of a personalized and individualized treatment program. For creating a recovery plan, the clinical and program directors meet with the clients. A good recovery plan consists of several therapies and services according to the individual’s conditions under observation.

As a part of an intensive outpatient rehab program in Austin, TX, you may participate in the following treatment programs;



The more beneficial a program is, the more it will people follow it. An IOP has many benefits, such as strengthening family relations, maintaining personal responsibilities, and staying private last but not least. Outpatient Austin is fully aware of the pull that the demanding jobs these days have and the family responsibilities and liabilities one has at home.

 It requires a lot of time in an IOP mental health program to rebuild or strengthen family relationships through counseling, but it is still a useful tool. You’ll be under intensive care, and at the same time, you can enjoy spending the nights and weekends at home. Our rehab programs revolve around the prevention of relapse, promoting life skills, and offering support groups.

The location and the services provided by a rehab center are what attract us in our selection. Choosing Austin for intensive outpatient therapy is beneficial, either way, as Austin is the state capital of TX. We are providing better services from others. We do have a range of outdoor fun and recreational activities as well. Some are mentioned as follow;

  • Going Underground into one of the many caves in Austin
  • Spending a day on the famous ladybird lake
  • Going to Barton springs pool for cooling off
  • Taking a hike through a tropical forest over here
  • picnicking atop the famous Mount Bon
  • Going for a Yoga hike



  • Affordable Yet Effective Therapy:

The false fact that expensive therapies are more effective than less expensive or affordable ones has covered the unconscious of almost everyone in the world. However, this is not necessary, as we can see in an IOP. It is not as expensive as other addiction treatment programs, but still, it offers you some excellent results. The costs of food and overnight stays are not included in this program; that’s why this is less expensive than residential or inpatient rehab programs.

However, we won’t take a person with a chronic addiction in our intensive outpatient rehab program because we can’t stop the triggers for them in an IOP, and the cravings they have for substance abuse can’t be dealt with.

  • It Works Around Your Schedule:

An outpatient program is always very flexible in terms of timings. Before devising your treatment plan, we look at the routine you have, and we do try our best not to disturb it. e.g., if you are a student, we won’t force you to visit rehab during schooling. We will try to schedule your meetings at times when you are free.

However, if the addiction is severe, the client has to compromise upon his daily responsibilities. If the severity is above moderate, then he can’t continue the IOP thing.

  • Staying in Touch with Family and Friends:

Unlike inpatient rehab programs, you can keep your support network and family close at hand. And this is a beneficial practice in the journey towards leaving an addiction. But the family members and friends with whom you meet must be supportive, motivating, and empathetic.

However, suppose the addicted person has terrible company. In that case, it’s better to stay away from that, because instead of doing any good, they will provide triggers, the individual will start craving, and this may lead him towards a relapse.

  • A More of a Private Program:

If you don’t want your friends and coworkers to know about your visits to the rehab for getting rid of the addiction, then an outpatient program is the best option for you.

Mental Health Addiction Treatment Center in Austin TX

Our Recovery Center’s Mental Health Treatment Center in Texas

Are you searching for a mental health treatment program Austin offers? If yes, interact with our expert staff members at our recovery center. Our institution is not only a mental health treatment center but also a substance abuse treatment center. A mental health treatment center based in Texas puts forth the prop up you need for making a sustainable recovery from an alcohol and drug addiction.

When you reach out to our recovery center, the first thing you are supposed to do is sit down next to one of our well-qualified counselors and collaborate with them to execute an extensive plan for your treatment. We are well aware that every person who reaches out to us has a different journey and different life experiences. That’s why we try our best to ensure that you are subjected to the treatment plan that precisely complements your requirements. With the assistance and availability of various holistic and evidence-based therapies, our mental health treatment center’s professional staff can tackle every kind of concern.

After you get admitted to our mental health treatment center in Austin, Central Texas, the concerned staff of addiction treatment will proceed with an assessment of mental health to diagnose the specific underlying situation of mental health, which is directly or indirectly acting as a causative factor towards your present condition. At our mental health treatment center, you will be learning different coping strategies so that you do not shift to this vulnerable condition again when faced with some emotional or psychological trauma. Our therapy also assists you to eradicate the physical symptoms resulting from mental health disorders. Mental health treatment programs in Texas usually used in the best drug abuse recovery consist of:

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Do not let mental health problems be a hindrance to your healthy and happy life. No one deserves to suffer from mental health disorders under any circumstances. The perks of leading a healthy and happy life are just a few steps away. After all, recognizing that you have developed some mental illness and then getting treatment from a trustworthy and reliable rehab center is all it takes to overcome this tragedy. If you or your dear ones have any mental health issues, you can proceed with the primary step on the road to the best rehabilitation just now. Contact our recovery center either by making a phone call or filling up our online form entirely confidential. In this way, you can regain hold of your life after attaining a lasting and stable recovery at our mental health treatment center in Austin, Central Texas. Once you get admitted to our mental health treatment center in Austin, TX, a hopeful journey to your healthy and happy future starts. Just reach out to the best mental health treatment institution in your territory, and you can easily defeat your mental health issues once for all.