Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient Treatment Program Austin Texas

To stand out among the many rehab centers in Austin Texas, what we do is to follow a unique and more flexible way of dealing with our clients’ addiction. In our treatment programs at addiction treatment centers, we try to facilitate the development of an individual’s life skills to help him reintegrate back into society. The goal of all the treatment programs we provide is to make the individual well enough to lead a sober and independent life.

Our addiction treatment programs in Austin support inclusive compulsion cure and provide long term recovery. The addiction treatment programs we provide are somehow similar to others, but we have something unique to offer. We go with a gender-specific and holistic approach towards treatment. We do provide therapy for the mind, we do focus on the body, and last but not least, we do care about the recovery of the spirit.

You want to find and feel the difference? Just enroll in our outpatient treatment programs, readily available in Austin, TX.

Outpatient Treatment Programs in Austin TX


We enroll a client into an outpatient treatment program by closely looking at his condition, taking his history, and looking into his prior recovery efforts. The next thing we do is devise a treatment plan for him based on the case history. According to that plan, the client is then educated about addiction and recovery. The relapse triggers are being assessed, prevention is being developed, and monitoring and strong support is being provided.

Here in Austin, the patients enrolled in outpatient recovery programs live in the ability, where they are allowed freedom to in and out; however, they have to be in the center for the treatment most of the time. They are provided with psychotherapy, collection rehabilitation, and family treatment. This is for people who are not fully recovered yet, who do not control the causes that herd them to addiction. For people involved in drug abuse, e.g., alcohol, an outpatient rehab program is a good option of treatment for a long time.

An outpatient recovery is an ideal option for those who find it hard to be a part of a residential or inpatient rehab program due to their family or job-related issues. They can go for an intensive outpatient rehab program, which will provide them with almost the same care as the inpatient program.

Outpatient programs are favorable for those who have just completed their residential program and want to stay in touch with the rehab for continued support.

The challenges one faces after the completion of residential programs are unmatched. One has to learn to positively uphold their recovery while handling increasing independence on the other. Regeneration Recovery’s outpatient recovery plan plays a pivotal role in lessening this transition’s intensity by offering strong support, camaraderie, and skill development for continued sobriety.

An outpatient rehab program allows a client to bring about all his obligations, such as work or schooling, and continue his struggle to get rid of the addiction. We use the following addiction handling plans and habit treatment services in our outpatient treatment programs in Austin, TX.


We first go through a phase of keen observations and assessment through which we come to know about the skills, hobbies, and desires a client has. Based on this observation and review, we devise a personalized Vocational plan for the client.

Our only purpose behind this is to make the individual capable of something. Through this, we prepare the clients to enroll in schools, create a resume, go for an interview, or whatever skill he needs to have for taking the next step towards a more of a successful career.



There are many stigmas associated with addressing trauma, and it’s taken as a social taboo. At Outpatient Austin, we try to dissolve that stigma by addressing the trauma of various intensities of severity and longevity, using multiple therapeutic techniques.

We educate each client about relapse prevention techniques during the treatment to ensure that the client’s addiction is being broken for a more extended period.

The clients are given training on dealing with unexpected triggers, motivations, and cravings towards the specific illegal substance. They are shown how to anticipate a particular situation and the mindsets that force them towards the drug.



Based on the severity of the addiction, time duration, and the amount of care being given, we offer three outpatient programs. They are explained one by one as follow:



The most intensive outpatient program for drug abuse as the individuals are required to be engaged five to seven days in a week, for as long as 8 hours per day. We almost start every outpatient rehab program this way and relax the rules based on recovery being made.

 Some people may complete the day program in just one week or two, while some may face it for a long time due to the powerful urges they have for the particular illegal substance in the environment they live in.



They aren’t as intensive as those of day programs; instead, they are way more flexible. It includes meetings with the professionals for sometime during the day or an hour in the evening. It’s beneficial for those who are busy with their lives and have other important things to do in their routine life.

We show them how to cope with addiction and give more time to enhancing their already stable life. The meetings are quite frequent when this program starts; however, as the client moves towards recovery, the meetings’ gap expands.

The clients we have in the day treatment programs when recovering a bit are dealt with then.



This step is for those who had almost controlled their addiction. In this, we provide them with a forum where they could talk about their accomplishments in their relapse avoidance, the skills they’ve used to counter triggers, and the challenges have faced during that or the challenges they are facing now. This plays a role as a kind of cathartic activity, where the client speaks his heart out. We fix the meetings upon the clients’ will for a concise amount of time, once or twice a we


Now, let’s see why should we prefer going with this approach;

In the last few decades, outdoor rehab programs for addiction control had seen an increase because of the following beneficial aspects;

  • There exists a balance between work, home, and rehab, and hence the order in the life of the individual is not that much disturbed.
  • Outpatient treatment programs cost much less than inpatient rehab programs because no full accommodation/overnight stays are needed.
  • The person’s intimacy is not being demolished; he still feels close to his loved ones, friends, and family as, at the end of the day, he has to go home.
  • They say it is a practice that makes a man perfect, practice in reality. The individual has a real environment rather than an ideal one like rehab to practice what he had learned in the recovery.
  • A comparatively lesser chance for the individual to get stigmatized by society exists.



If a person decides to go for addiction treatment, he must select the right place and avoid going into the hands of the wrong people. The client must keep in mind his priorities. The client must know that what the rehab he is going to choose focus upon. What others provide therapies and activities? What facilities do that particular rehab have, and all? Here are some causes why a person must choose our addiction treatment center in Austin, TX.

  • We provide the clients with individualized and personalized therapy, a Vocational plan, and medication as each addiction is different.
  • Our staff members are the best in the field.
  • We aren’t new to this business; we have a history full of success, which everyone should look at.



The addicted individual does need to take a look at himself as well; He should go for outpatient treatment only if he has no problem with his physical health and is emotionally stable.

Before going for an outpatient treatment program, he has to make sure that his home environment is sober and that being around the home won’t trigger the cravings for relapse. If the individual finds himself to be safe, he needs to go for outpatient rehab treatment.


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